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Edwin Boiten’s Affiliate Product Comparison WP Plugin Review

Edwin Boiten has put out a WordPress plugin that EVERY internet marketer should have within their I.M. Toolbox.  It is called Affiliate Product Comparison and the reason that you should check this out is because it allows you create VERY EASILY a Product Comparison chart for you affiliate products.  I will get more into this just a bit later in my review.

Who is the Affiliate Product Comparison Warrior Special Offer for?

  • Internet Marketing Beginners
  • Intermediate Internet Marketers
  • Advanced Internet Marketers

Why I like Edwin Boiten’s Affiliate Product Comparison WSO:

By far the easiest websites to set up and get ranked well within the search engines are WordPress sites.  I don’t think that there is any disputing that.  Aside from the fact that the search engines seem to love WordPress is that the plugins you can get that you can use to customize your site etc. are AWESOME!

However one of the problems that I have had troubles with is setting up product comparison tables within my WordPress sites. Potential buyers love product comparisons to help them better choose which product best fits their needs etc. however as I said up until now they were not the easiest thing to create.

So as soon as I saw that Edwin Boiten was putting out his Affiliate Product Comparison Warrior Special Offer I seriously purchased it immediately because of TWO reasons:

1.  I have been looking for a plugin like this for quite some time.
2.  The price was so low!

As I mentioned before if you are an internet marketer YOU NEED THIS PLUGIN!  Here is why think about if you had a review site for hair loss products which I do have EXCELLENT NICHE and the potential buyer is fairly DESPERATE which means you stand a good chance of landing a sale.

However there are several products on the market that have plenty of positives and negatives to them including the price, how fast they work, and many other factors that people consider so instead of just trying to promote one main product you can put several out there and let person who is searching for a solution better determine which product out of the MANY OFFERED is best for them.

This is going to significantly increase your chances of making a sale and since they are already knowing all of the Positvies and Negatives of each and every product and have most likely chosen the product that suits their price range, needs, and whatever other factors that they are considering you are also less likely to have refunds as well.

So if you are an internet marketer you need Edwin Boiten’s Affiliate Product Comparison Warrior Special Offer and the price is low enough that there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t purchase this WSO.

If your still not convinced that this plugin is worth buying check out the video below: